How to clean and maintain your washing machine | CHOICE- machine and hand wash efficiency fast clean washing powder for hair ,Mould occurs because more people wash in cold water, which doesn't get rid of mould and washing machine designs can allow water to sit in the seal, promoting mould growth. Keep mould to a minimum by: Give your door seals a quick dry after each wash.Cleaning Washing Machine - Pet Hair RemovalMar 25, 2012·And while a spin in the washing machine, will get rid of the fur on the clothes, the fur then winds up sticking to the washer. Here's how to get rid of the pet hair in your washing machine.

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Help! No Clean Clothes and I'm Out of Laundry Detergent

Detergent Alternatives for Hand Washing Clothes . If you are out of detergent and decide to simply wash a few items in the sink you have more options as alternatives for your regular detergent. It is much more simple to control suds in a sink or bathtub than in a washer because you can use much less of the substitute cleaner.

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Laundry detergent buying guide - Good Housekeeping Institute

Deal with this by putting on a regular maintenance wash, using the powder on a high temperature of 60º to clear away any stubborn build-up of detergent. Liquids and gels Increasingly popular ...

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